Rebates for Partners


FXOptimax offers the chance to earn extra rebates, up to 1.5 pips,  for all clients. You can activate your partnership link and refer as much clients as possible to join FXOptimax, you will received a certain amount of rebates for every single trade done by your referrals, which is closed more than 2 pips away from the opening price.

Illustration of how rebates work:

If you have 10 clients referred to FXOptimax via your partnership link, each client deposited 1,000 USD and trade 1 lot everyday, you will have potential rebate ~3,000 USD monthly (10 clients x 20 days a month x 1.5 pip rebate x 1 lot x 10 USD is equivalent to 3,000 USD).

Rebate Structure

Account TypeRebate Amount
 FXOptimax Pro VIP Account 15% of the commission
 FXOptimax Pro Account 15% of the commission 
 FXOptimax Precision Pricing 5 Digits
 0.7 pip
FXOptimax Micro Fixed Spread 4 Digits  1.5 pips
 FXOptimax Mini Fixed Spread 4 Digits 0.7 pip
 FXOptimax Pipsbook 25% of normal rebate (based on the follower's account types)
 FXOptimax ZuluTrade 0.5 pip
 FXOptimax Mirror Trader 0.5 pip