Offer Parameters


While a Manager creates a new PAMM Project, there will be Offer Parameters need to be set. Here are the explanation of each parameter.

Offer Parameter
Performance Fee
The percentage of fee charged by manager on investor's profit earned at the end of each interval. PAMM Account earns profit if the balance at the end of the interval is bigger than in the start of the interval.
Investor earns $5,000 profit and the performance fee is 20%, in this case, $1,000 performance fee will be charged and transferred to manager's account.
Early Withdrawal Fee0-60%
The percentage of fee charged as a penalty if investor withdraws the fund before the end of the interval.
Investor withdraws $5,000 of the invested fund and the early withdrawal fee is 50%, in this case, a $2,500 penalty will be charged and transferred to manager's account.
Management Fee0-20%
The percentage of fee charged on investor's account balance at the PAMM system rollover (00:00 EST on trading days). The percent reflects yearly value and one year is consist of 260 trading days, the daily fee applied on client account is 1/260 of the percent set.
Investor's account balance on rollover is $25,000 and the management fee is 20% in a year, $19.23 (1/260 x 20% x $25,000) management fee will be charged and transferred to manager's account.
Minimum InvestmentUSD
The minimum amount of deposit required by the investor to join the offer
Amount IncrementUSD
The increment setting for deposited amount of investor's fund.
Amount increment is set at $100, in this case, allowed investor deposits are $100, $200, $300 and further $100 increment, while $150 or $225 is not allowed due to this increment restriction.
Partner Commission0-60%
The percentage of your performance fee that will be rewarded to your referrer.
Manager received $1,000 performance fee from Investor A, which was referred by Partner B. If the Partner Commission is 10%, Partner B will get $100, deducted from the $1,000 fee received by Manager.
Trading Interval
Weekly /
Monthly /
Period of each offer, in which client can decide to renew or break the investment in this offer at the end of the interval.

Offer Password
If this password is set, investor will need to enter this password to be able to join your offer.

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