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1 Accessing Mirror Trader Platform

Once you have an FXOptimax Mirror Trader MT4 activated, you can access the Mirror Trader web platform to check and analyze strategies, and also to manage your portfolio (add or remove strategies). To access your Mirror Trader platform, please visit follow…

2 FXOptimax Mirror Trader Monthly Fee

The initial deposit required for FXOptimax Mirror Trader is $2000. If you can maintain the average balance at $2000 or more during a month, there will be no monthly fee applied at all. Otherwise, if your deposit is less than $2000 or your monthly balance…

3 Mirror Trade FAQ

Questions regarding Semi Automatic Mirroring Who provides the signals presented in the “Live Signals” section? The signals are provided by all the strategy providers available in the Mirror Trader. How can I execute a signal in my account? To execute…

4 Tutorials for Mirror Trader Platform

To learn more about how to use Mirror Trader platform, please download the "Quick Start Guide" available below. To master all the features in the Mirror Trader's convenient platform, please download the "Complete Manual".