Understanding Pipsbook Statistic
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To understand Pipsbook statistic better, please read the following explanation on each parameter.

ProfitThe all time total amount of profit earned (in pip)
Open Position(s) The total floating pip from all currently opened orders 
Live Balance The total amount of fund following this leader, including leader's account
Total Trades The total number of trades have been made 
Average Pips/Trade The average pips earned from each trade, calculated by comparing the total profit to the total trades 
Winning % The percentage of winning trades compared to the overall total trades 
Maximum Position(s) The highest number of opened orders in a same time 
Days The total number of days the leader has joined FXOptimax Pipsbook 
TWROR Profit The profit percentage calculated daily, prior to the daily equity
Absolute Profit The all time profit percentage, calculated prior to the present total balance
Average Pips/Month The average pips earned monthly
Average Trades/Month The average trades done monthly 
Maximum Drawdown The biggest loss in pips, compared to the total balance when the loss occurred 
Followers The number of investors following this leader
Minimum Required Margin The estimated minimum required margin to follow this leader, calculated from the past performance
Annual ROI The annualized rate of return expected, calculated based on past performance
Score Pipsbook scoring system measures multiple statistical aspect, including the opened orders --- higher score reflects better performance 

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